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“I’m not foolish enough to think that poetry is The Answer to climate change, or even to the question of how to live with the escalating pain it’s causing. But as a poet, I have to wonder what it has to offer, how it can help me to shift out of denial, and how it may support me as I move deeper into the work of mourning…. It roars to the fore at crucial moments of life where we want language to step up and acknowledge significant events and feelings—birth, death, love…”
-Sue Sinclair, As The World Ends, Has The Time For Grieving Arrived?

“Why does climate change cast a much smaller shadow on literature than it does on the world? Is it perhaps too wild a stream to be navigated in the accustomed barques of narration? But the truth, as is now widely acknowledged, is that we have entered a time when the wild has become the norm: if certain literary forms are unable to negotiate these waters, then they will have failed – and their failures will have to be counted as an aspect of the broader imaginative and cultural failure that lies at the heart of the climate crisis.”
-Amitav Ghosh, Where is the Fiction About Climate Change?

Catriona (Cate) Sandilands (Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University) discusses the project:
Rising Tides: Reflections for Climate Changing Times
Edited by Catriona Sandilands
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Storying Climate Change workshop:
March 8-11, 2018
Galiano Island, British Columbia
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