Table of Contents

Levi Wilson and Emily Menzies, “Territorial Acknowledgement”
Catriona Sandilands, “Reflections for Climate Changing Times”

I. What We Have Lost
Rosemary Georgeson, “A Lifetime with Bulb Kelp”
Ashlee Cunsolo, “Transfearance. Transfearmation.”
Bernard Soubry, “riparian blues”
Evelyn White, “Where Did We Go Wrong?”
Jesse Thistle, “Ceremony”
Rebeccah Nelems, “Short Walk Home”
Elysia French, “Absence”
David Huebert, “Underfolk”
Betsy Warland, “Bluestem & Bull Kelp”
Kyo Maclear, “Love and Lifeboating”

II. What Worries Us
Alison Colwell, “Wildfire”
Reed Osler, “Hidden Gardens”
Richard Pickard, “The Ends of the World”
Emily McGiffin, “The Prodigious”
Colleen Doty, “What the Sea Eats”
Deblekha Guin, “In Between Red, Blue and Green”
Indra Singh, “field notes from the wide zone”
Lisa Szabo-Jones, “The Change”
Suzanne Fournier, “Are We Facing the Death of the Tree of Life?”
Christine Lowther, “More Perilous than a Leaning Tree”
Jamie Snook, “Futures on Ice”

III. What We May Understand
Deborah McGregor and Hillary McGregor, “All Our Relations: Climate Change Storytellers”
Christopher Campbell-Duruflé, “All on the Same Train: Bringing the Paris Agreement Home”
Dylan Harris, “Left Behind”
Catriona Sandilands, “Concerto for Scotch Broom”
Sara Barron, “Such Good Friends”
Carleigh Baker, “Where Were You?”                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sonnet L’Abbé, “Scale Model”
Astrida Neimanis, “Our Bodies, Our Wetlands”
Laurie D. Graham, “The North Saskatchewan”
Peter Hobbs, “To the Post Office and Back”
Philip Kevin Paul, “Running in With a Word”

IV. What We Imagine
Lois Beardslee, “Grow Pumpkins on My Grave”
Holly Schofield, “Five Ways to Talk about Twisted Oak Moss”
Ann Eriksson, “Ocean”
Lauren Magner and Andrew Simon, “Key to the Conifers of Galiano Island, 2150”
Tzeporah Berman, “Just. Don’t. Say. It.”
Hiromi Goto, “This is the Way”
Timothy B. Leduc, “Ǫ da gaho dḛ:s: Isle Weaving in Climates of Change”
Stephen Collis, “For the Deep Future”
Rita Wong and Emily McGiffin, “Keeping Watch at Kwekwecnewtxw”
Zoe Todd, “Tidal”